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We offer a helpful description of some of the in and outs of today’s drug rehabilitation. What people have experienced while in treatment, what types of treatment are available, and general information about the treatment process.  This site is dedicated to an overall view from people who have been free from addiction for awhile and how they did it.  Not all alcohol and addiction treatment is the same and neither is the person suffering from it.  How has today’s modern drug rehabilitation made strides in the advancement of addiction therapy to help conform to the ways that prove to be more helpful for not only the addict or alcoholic, but also for the family.

Stories of Hope and Recovery

We are looking for personal experiences with treatment, written by people who have either been in a treatment facility or people who are close to people who have been there.  What are your experiences with the facilities and after.  We would also like to find out from practitioners and people who work in treatment what proves to be successful for the addict or alcoholic.  What types of counseling is being done at facilities, what type of experiences are being prudent to long lasting sobriety or clean time post treatment?

Recovery Fellowship

Recovery fellowship has played a major part in the long term success of people that are dedicated to long term sobriety, what does that look like on a personal level?  A support system has proved to be helpful for the rehabilitation of drug addicts in the process of transitioning life from a negative direction into a positive one.  Friends who don’t drink or use are key to finding out what life has to offer without the assistance of mind altering substances to enjoy life.

We want people to come here and find a resource of experiences on a personal level about life free from any mind altering substances and the experience or experiences that prove successful in order to lead and maintain that life in the long term.

We at Drug Rehabilitation Today have specific permission from the people who have written these stories to post these as stories of experience, hope and strength for those who might be in search or have some questions about finding a path to freedom from drugs and alcohol.  All stories are personal experiences and in no way do any of the story tellers hold any position of leadership in Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or any other twelve step meeting.