Mar 292011

It is sad but it is a reality that even little children are also affected by panic and anxiety attacks. It is indeed very pitiful to see little children suffering from this atrocious condition. It is a fact that most of the time the condition starts in the late teens but they can also happen as early as in childhood. Overcoming panic attacks is challenging for adults, and it is even made more difficult if a helpless child is dealing with it. A lot of parents are asking how to cure panic attacks in children. In this article we will give you easy steps of helping your child who is suffering from a panic or anxiety attack.

The AACAP which is a research center for children has a definition for panic attacks. For them panic attacks are episodes of discomfort and intense fear. This can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

It is very helpful for parents to observe what is happening around their children so they can pinpoint what is causing the attack.

Panic attacks in children can be caused by what is called general anxiety disorder. Children often feel a lot of anxiety about general things in life like school,

family, other children, and many more. Therapy and relaxation techniques are recommended by experts.

Separation is also something which can trigger anxiety in little children. Most little children do not want to be separated from their parents and when they go to school for the first time they experience this. You should do your best to make your child understand the reality of life. You really cannot be with them all the time or anytime they want them to be. They must also learn to be independent.

Some children often feel anxiety after a long vacation and they have to go back to school. Cognitive behavioral therapies are very helpful in these situations. You can give them positive reinforcement by giving them a reward when they go back to school.

Another course of anxiety can be changes in life so make sure that you are there for your child every time he or she experiences this.

Mar 212011

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Lortabs are becoming one of the most commonly used and abused drugs. People seem to believe its safer because its a prescribed medication, but its not safe at all, especially if a person stops it suddenly.
Lortab (hydrocodoneAPAP), is a class III narcotic perscribed for pain. Its usually perscribed for short periods and physicians reduce it slowly to prevent side effects. Sudden cessation can cause Nausea, Vomiting, Chills, Seizures,
Heart Rhythm Changes, Bradycardia (slowed breathing), Unconciousness and even Death.

In Lortab Addiction, the person who is habituated to the drug usually will need to increase the dose.

The higher the dose,
the more lethal the sudden withdrawl from the drug will be.
The short term effects are much the same as any narcotic drug Sleepiness, Bradycardia , Blurred Vision, Impaired Motor Skills, but an overdose can be lethal as well. Breathing heart rate can slow to a point where the heart stops and death will will occur. The PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) warns of the potential for addiction to Lortabs and cautions against mixing other sedatives or alcohol with it, as they will both augment the effects.
Lortabs have other dangerous side effects as well because Acetomenaphen (Tylenol) is part of the mixture and can have grave effects on the liver if too much is taken, or when its used over long periods of time.
Lortab addiction is as serious as any other addiction and needs top be treated accordingly. The signs are often hard to discern, as the person becomes isolated and is actively tries to disguise the drug use.

Because Lortab is a narcotic,ttreatment centers offering addiction help are warrented.
Each individual is different and may respond to one form of treatment more quickly than another, but most Addiction Treatment Centers use a variety of approaches The best reason to seek professional care is for medical supervision. Withdrawl from any drug can cause any of the adverse symptoms mentioned above and even death.
There are specialists who know how to deal with addiction and its causes and others who are also suffering. They, too, can be helpful in time of crisis.

Mar 192011

Unfortunately, there has been little study done on Albuterol and pregnancy. It is difficult to gauge the risk to a fetus in a pregnant woman since conducting controlled studies on humans would be unethical.

Albuterol has been shown to cause birth defects in pregnant mice and rabbits. The defects included cleft palate, as well as skull deformations. It is for this reason that the Food and Drug Administration has classified Albuterol as a Pregnancy Category C drug. Pregnancy Category C drugs are drugs that show problems in pregnant animal studies, or for which no pregnancy studies at all have been done. Pregnancy Category C medications are to be prescribed on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of your doctor based on whether he or she feels the risks of not taking the medication overwhelm the risks of taking it. While it is best to avoid anything that could harm your fetus, if you have acute asthma, Albuterol might be the difference between life and death.

Think about it this way if you can’t breathe, then neither can your baby. If you normally experience acute allergies symptoms, then during pregnancy you are likely to experience severe allergies.

It is also important to note that animals do not always react to drugs in quite the same way as humans. Occasionally the tolerance of humans against the side effect of drugs is significantly higher. Evidence has suggested that a higher heart rate and increased blood sugar level results in the fetus due to Albuterol use by the mother.

However, in the vast majority of cases, the baby appears to be born perfectly fine.

If you would like to decrease your reliance on an inhaler, you might want to consider nutrition as a path to lowering your allergic response. Intake of Omega-3 fats has been particularly linked to allergies. The vast majority of people are deficient in Omega-3 fats, especially with modern diets. To increase your Omega-3 intake, eat more fatty fish, and consider taking Fish Oil capsules. The benefits to your unborn child will be manifold especially as DHA Omega-3 has shown to be of crucial importance in the development of fetuses and infants, affecting everything from their development of asthma to their I.Q.

Mar 182011

Due to the existence of inversion tables in the market with different features, it is hard to choose from among them since all of the manufacturers are claiming the superior quality and durability of their product.

However, what makes them durable and the characteristics of its parts would provide great information on which one is the most convenient and durable to use. Surely it would be best to find a product produced using a high quality material that also comes with low price.

This is what Lifegear Gravity Boots assures its users.
With its innovative features, Lifegear inversion machines still stands out because there is very small difference between the models as there are only little features available with the newest model that is not present in this equipment. Aside from the durability of the product, it comes with a low price. Most consumers also prefer using this because it is smaller, lighter, and easy to use. It can also be assembled easily.

Like other kinds of inversion table, life gear inversion table can rotate up to 90 degree angle with simple arm movements. It is also designed in a way that the user achieves its full comfort through the use of padded and foamy backrest and ankle supports. The manufacturer also makes sure that the user won’t slide while exercising in an inverted position because of the supportive stabilizers. The most promising reward this inversion table ensures its customer is the relief of back pain which many individual who used the product agrees.

Unlike other inversion brands which are the more traditional form of inversion table, Lifegear Inversion table has more advanced and user-friendly feature that meets the needs of person using it. There are also few differences when it comes to price so it would be more practical to prefer a more upgraded version.

Mar 042011

Nowadays alcoholic drinks are often served in parties, social gatherings, celebration and other events.

Alcohol can change the mood of an event, and guests are usually happy drink alcoholic beverage. Aside from being served in celebrations, since alcohol can make a person euphoric, relax and feel numb it is sometimes used by people as an escape to reality and to forget about problems. Almost all of us are aware of the harmful effects of alcohol to our body but sometimes people find it hard to drink alcoholic beverage moderately.

Too much alcohol intake can cause alcohol poisoning or alcohol overdose, when this occurs it should not be ignored because it might cause serious health threat or even death. Alcohol overdose occur when the blood content of alcohol are very high due to large amount of alcohol intake. There are alcohol poisoning symptoms that should be observed because it needs immediate medical help. The symptoms are decreased number of breathing per minute, unconsciousness, and uncontrolled vomiting.

If and individual should not presume that a person suffering from alcohol poisoning can sleep off the condition. Alcohol is still release in the bloodstream and increase the alcohol level of the body even if the person is unconscious or had stop drinking.

Another prevalent result of alcohol abuse is alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction happens when a person becomes dependent on alcohol substances.

Alcohol addicts usually drink alcoholic substances habitually and at a large amount. If alcohol addicts suddenly stop consuming alcohol substances they could experience alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be physical and psychological and in various degree depending on the person’s dependence on alcohol. If a person is suffering from alcohol problems it is advisable to seek help to avoid further harm a person’s health. For psychological support there are groups in which members can relate to each other and share experiences to help one another. Alcoholic drinks are known for its bad effects but there are actually good health benefits of alcohol consumption only if taken moderately.