About Drug Rehabilitation Today


Thanks for your time reading this and please pass this on if you know anyone who would take the time to write a little bit about this subject please have them submit an email.

Today many families are effected by drug and alcohol addiction and many people get clean or sober in different ways. We were hoping to get people in the recovery community to submit anywhere from a page to many pages with personal experiences of what it took for them and how they did it. I’m hoping this will reach a wide variety of people who have possibly never experienced or don’t know what to look for when asking for help.

We have put together a site dedicated to the experience of being drug and alcohol free.  What are the types of treatment out there?  What was last thing that happened to make changes in your life to recover from active addiction?  What would you want someone to know about your personal experiences with this disease and recovering from it?  Addicts, Alcoholics, Practitioners and staff from drug treatment centers have come together to submit information for people to find out what is in store for them about not only the history and transition of treatment from locking up Alcoholics in sanitariums to modern day Malibu drug and alcohol treatment centers catering to massages, yoga and groups.  Many have shared experiences with treatment for the families as well as for the one using.  Many have discussed diving into meditation and other spiritual practices in order to find selflessness away from being self centered.

It’s in the creation stages but every day we are adding new user written pages to it.

Practitioners in the treatment field, the families effected by this disease, the addicts and alcoholics themselves.  All of this will be anonymous only with first names and a last initial unless otherwise specified.  We’d also like to link to specific treatment centers in order to share those experiences at those centers too.