Drug Rehabilitation In Kentucky


Drug Rehabilitation In Kentucky

Just like any other state in the U.S., Kentucky also has its share of drug addicts and substance abusers. In fact, drug addiction is considered to be one of the most pressing problems faced by the state these days. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration or SAMHSA has revealed that there are 25,428 people who were admitted to a facility for drug rehabilitation in Kentucky in the year 2010.

Approximately 67% of these are men and the rest are women. Nowadays, there are many different types of substances being abused by residents living in Kentucky. However, one of the most common drugs used by abusers is none other than the opiates. According to statistics, roughly 28.2 % of all the admissions in the different drug and substance rehabilitation centers in Kentucky are caused by opiate addiction.

This is then followed by alcohol addiction with 18.8% and marijuana abuse with 16.7%. This alarming news has pushed the government of Kentucky to provide more rehab centers and facilities to cater and accommodate the rising number of patients with this kind of problem. Here are some of the things that people should know about the drug rehabilitation in Kentucky.

The Common Drug Abuse Typse in Kentucky

There are several counties in Kentucky that are known for their high incidence rates of prescription drugs addiction. In fact, these counties are also known to distribute high quantities of pain medications to many individuals in the area. Because of this, the admissions into treatment centers for opiate addiction increased to 6,249 in the year 2010.

Some of the common prescription drugs abused in the state are the oxycodone and the hydrocodone. Aside from prescription drugs, street drugs such as cocaine are also very popular in Kentucky. One of the reasons why cocaine remained as one of the top most abused drugs in the state is due to stable price and purity of the substance. This makes it easier for people to use this type of drug. Aside from this, the use of heroin and marijuana are also very rampant in Kentucky. This goes the same with methamphetamine and crystal meth.

The Pros of the Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Kentucky

Despite the cons of having very easy access to drugs, Kentucky was still able to control the use of drugs and other substances in the region. This is a result of the increasing number of drug rehabilitation centers and facilities in the state. A lot of these drug facilities and centers provide mental health services to their clients. This means that the main objectives of these rehab centers in not only to stop the addiction, but as well as to treat the side effects of this disease to the client’s health. However, only 14% of all the drug abuse programs in the state of Kentucky provide detoxification processes.

Aside from treating the condition, some of the programs offered by the various drug rehabilitation centers in Kentucky also include tackling the client’s hygiene issues. It is common for a drug addict to forget about his or her hygiene once they are intoxicated by drugs or other substances. Because of this, most rehab centers in Kentucky also see to it that the patients are given enough assistance in maintaining their personal care.

In addition to this, rehabilitation facilities in Kentucky also have resident nutritionists and physicians. These professionals are present in order to monitor and guide the entire process of recovery of the abusers. In other centers, there are also personal trainers in order to keep the clients physically strong and able. Drug addiction can cause the entire body to weaken. Once the system is down, it is difficult for the client to fight the disease and withdraw from the addiction. Because of this, trainers are present in order to help improve the stamina and endurance of the patients.

There are other aspects that are addressed, though structure, physical health and emotional well being are three components to an effective treatment program. These are aspects you can look into when researching the various forms of drug rehabilitation in Kentucky. There will be some differences, though most accredited treatment centers will provide a good and effective service. This is a great opportunity for anyone suffering addiction, as some people aren’t so lucky, for they are either in jail or dead. This is a sad but very true reality with this.