Dual Diagnosis Treatment for Addiction


Addiction is a complicated and dangerous disease in itself, unfortunately, it almost always comes hand in hand with psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.  Dealing with these disorders, combined with trying to address and treat addiction, can be a very difficult struggle.  There are, however, treatment methods designed specifically for these situations.  Dual diagnosis treatment for addiction systematically addresses the substance abuse problem and the psychological disorders associated with it.

BipolarThe use of dual diagnosis treatment for addiction is a specialized field because addiction and mental or psychological disorders have their own unique list of symptoms.  One must be adept with both facets in order to provide the best possible treatment.  Addiction, by itself, is a very inconsistent disease; combined with the unpredictability of psychological disorders, the challenges become two-fold and treatment methods will have to be modified to adapt to the situation.  Regardless of which came first, whether it was the addiction or the psychological disorder, successful treatment relies on the treatment of both diseases.

Another factor that complicates the problem of dual diagnosis treatment for addiction is that one affects the other, and this requires the therapist to be flexible in his or her treatment approach so as not to exacerbate the problem.  A relapse is what most treatment and rehabilitation centers try to avoid at all costs, but there is no need to lose hope if and when this occurs. In dual diagnosis treatment, relapses are common and, therefore, easily addressed.  It is also helpful for addicts undergoing treatment to join peer support groups because this will help them see addiction from the outside, looking in.  Sharing experiences with fellow addicts will also be a learning experience and will help an addict develop healthy relationships.

Co-occurring disorders take time to treat and there have been a significant number of individuals who have recovered through the help of dual diagnosis treatment for addiction.  All addicts have a chance to recover.  All that is required is the will and dedication to get better and remain sober for good.