Eco-Psychological Addiction Treatment


Eco-Psychology is an integration of various disciplines such as ecology, psychology, and environmental philosophy.  At its heart, it is a psychology based on the community and its well-being.  Eco-psychology is based on the synergistic relationship between the needs of an individual and the needs of society as a whole.  As with eco-psychological addiction treatment, the belief is that, in a society, the needs of one are relevant to the other and vice versa.  In addiction treatment, eco-psychology aims to build a supportive and sustainable culture in which addicts can get treatment and recover in peace.  Through reconnecting with nature and society, addicts are given a second chance at life, along with being treated for their addiction.

Eco-psychological addiction treatment subscribes to the belief that an individual’s problems begin when he or she begins disconnecting himself or herself from society and the environment.  This method of treatment aims to re-establish this connection and help individuals build and maintain healthy relationships with other people and be one with nature.  Reconnecting with nature is vital in the process due to its special, one-of-a-kind regenerative power.  It helps addicts get through their addiction by healing the disorders brought about by a nature-separated psyche and thinking process.


An individual’s well-being is largely dependent on the environment and the people with which he or she interacts.  Eco-psychological addiction treatment helps an individual conquer addiction by teaching him or her how to build and maintain strong and healthy relationships.  Through this, an individual will also learn how to resolve internal conflicts and deal with serious personal issues.  Eco-psychological addiction treatment is a completely natural process that nurtures self-esteem, personal responsibility, and camaraderie.  It is also a multi-faceted approach, in that it promotes the well-being of the individual, the society, and the environment.