Emotional Freedom Technique


With addiction being more and more complex as time goes by, a plethora of addiction treatment methods and therapies have arisen to address addiction symptoms and issues.  Some have even turned to alternative and holistic methods of medicine in their quest to seek treatment and a life of sobriety.  Sobriety may seem a simple mission for some, but this is only because they have not experienced the pain and misery of addiction.  Some addicts try valiantly to kick the habit, but fail miserably because they lack the necessary knowledge and training to do so.  Addiction treatment requires the guidance of trained professionals because they realize that each addict’s needs will be different, and they will know how to properly address these varying needs.  The emotional freedom technique is one such method that tries to address an addict’s unique needs.

Counted as one of the alternative psychotherapies that show potential, the emotional freedom technique, instead of making changes within the body, affects the body’s energy field.  During therapy using this technique, the addict is asked to focus on a specific painful or traumatic memory while certain acupuncture points around the body are tapped in an attempt to alleviate psychological stress.  The principles of the emotional freedom technique are closely related to that of the eastern practice of acupuncture.  Fundamentally, acupuncture associates human emotions with the five elements (earth, wood, metal, fire, and water) and the organs associated with them.

The emotional freedom technique has faced much criticism due to its non-scientific roots, but has continued to grow in popularity due to the number of people it has helped.  The complexity and difficulty of addiction treatment has led to addicts, and even addiction treatment professionals, to look for avenues that will make treatment easier and more effective in the long run, making the emotional freedom technique a viable alternative for addicts and treatment professionals alike.