Emotional Release Therapy


Emotion Release Therapy in Addiction Treatment

Addicts are the most misinterpreted lot in society.  This misunderstanding stems from the fact that people are not aware of the reasons an addict becomes what he or she is; people cannot completely grasp an addict’s situation because they do not know the root cause of an addiction.  The root cause of addiction is vital especially to therapists and addiction treatment professionals because determining this helps them to decide on the treatment approach to use.  Using emotion release therapy in addiction treatment is one of the treatment methods reliant on determining the root cause of addiction.

Emotional Release Therapy for Addiction TreatmentMost addicts are pushed into addiction by a painful or traumatic experience.  Emotion release therapy in addiction treatment attempts to help addicts come to terms with this past experience so they can face their current problems and reassess their priorities based on their present situation.  One of the goals of emotion release therapy is to resolve internal conflicts so the individual can be at peace with himself or herself.  Resolving these issues is important because emotions shape an individual and dictate his or her behavior patterns.

Emotion release therapy in addiction treatment observes patterns of behavior and replaces them with positive and more productive behavior patterns.  Addiction treatment is a very complex process that includes detox, therapy sessions, and aftercare service.  Determining the root cause of addiction gives addiction treatment professionals an edge by providing them a valid starting point from which they can determine a plan of action and method of treatment.  In the end, however, the one to instigate a positive change should be the addict because this will ensure that a relapse will be out of the question.  Preventing a relapse should be a main goal in treatment because this signifies a failure in the treatment process.  A change for the better coming from within the addict will ensure that his journey to sobriety will be a smooth one.