Neuro Biofeedback


Treatment centers will have varying methods of treatment and management, but all of them will agree that the treatment of addiction must also include the human brain.  Aside from the obvious physiological symptoms, addiction brings with it psychological damage that will eventually get worse if not treated at the soonest possible time.  Most addiction treatment professionals have turned to some form of alternative therapy to address these pressing issues.  One of these therapies slowly gaining popularity is neuro biofeedback.  This method uses electroencephalography (EEG) to illustrate brain activity and, through this, aims to control the central nervous system.

NeurobiofeedbackNeuro biofeedback is a relatively new method and, being so, there are certain changes and modifications being done in an effort to constantly improve it.  Essentially, it uses established training protocols to train individuals to alter brain chemistry and manipulate brain waves.  Manipulating how the brain works will help addicts or substance abusers modify how their body responds to certain stimuli and replace undesirable and destructive behavior patterns.  Neuro bio feedback training protocols also stimulate healthy neurons to produce healthy neurochemicals.

Therapists believe that addiction is disease that can be treated through behavior modification.  Neuro bio feedback will greatly benefit therapists because it uses EEG to gain feedback about brain activity, which will assist them in the process of modifying or replacing negative behavior patterns.  Through neuro bio feedback individuals can also control their mental state, mood levels, and brain activity.  It can also determine the health of one’s mind and what state it is in at a given time. Determining the root cause of addiction is also vital because the success of neuro bio feedback relies on gauging an individual’s response to this and conditioning his or her mind to react differently whenever this stimulus is present.