Personality Disorders


Treating Personality Disorders and Addiction

Addiction is a disease that has long-term effects on an individual and on those close to him or her.  Because it affects the brain, it will alter an individual’s behavior patterns and, eventually, his or her personality.  Personality disorders are very difficult to treat since they become an integral part of how an individual perceives himself or herself and the world around him or her.  Treating personality disorders involves intensive psychotherapy and counseling sessions that try to determine the appropriate treatment approach for each individual.  Treatment methods and therapy choice will largely depend on the type of personality disorder present, its severity, and the life situation of the individual.

Treating personality disorders is difficult because it will involve modifying the perceptions of an individual who, due to the disorder, is not able to distinguish between reality and his or her perceptions of the world.  Although people suffering personality disorders may seem delusional, this attitude is, simply put, a byproduct of intense emotions overcoming cognitive functions resulting in misperceptions.  To ensure the well-being of those suffering personality disorders, therapists take a multi-faceted approach that addresses an individual’s psychological, social, and medical needs.  The complexity of treating personality disorders and addiction may require a treatment team comprised of:

  • A primary care physician
  • A psychotherapist
  • A psychiatrist
  • An addiction treatment professional
  • Family members
  • Social workers

Milder symptoms may require less intense treatment and less treatment professionals, but it is best to find an expert who specializes in treating personality disorders and addiction.  Due to its chronic nature, treating personality disorders is a long-term commitment that may become a large part of an individual’s adult life.  Finding the appropriate rehabilitation center and the right treatment experts will ensure that all an individual’s needs are met, and that the treatment process will be as smooth as possible.