Evolution of Treatment for Addiction


The problem of substance abuse has plagued the world since the early 1800’s; the use of opium as a recreational drug has been a common practice since the 14th century in Islamic societies, even earlier in China.  Opium, however, had its medicinal uses and was prescribed by well-renowned physicians for the treatment and alleviation of common ailments and as a general pain reliever.  Through time, technology has changed the world, and this change has also affected the way in which drugs are used and cultured.  One of the main factors that have contributed to the worsening dilemma of drug addiction today is the introduction of synthetic compounds such as methamphetamine.  Fortunately, addiction treatment evolution is catching up with the help of state-of-the-art treatment technologies and alternative approaches.

Today, the substance of choice for abusers may have changed, but the dynamics of addiction remain roughly the same.  Addiction treatment professionals and experts have responded by adapting established treatment methods to address current symptoms.  New treatment approaches have arisen due to necessity, but these approaches are all loosely based on one or more of the established ones.  Addiction treatment evolution also paved the way for the growing popularity of alternative medicine as a remedy for most of the symptoms of drug addiction.  Some therapists have turned to acupuncture, neurolinguistic therapy, experiential therapy, expressive art therapy, and systemic treatment in an effort to help addicts cope with their addiction.  For these therapists, and addiction treatment professionals, the battle against addiction and substance abuse is far from over, and treatment and therapies must always respond to the call of the times in order to prevent addiction from conquering society.

Substance abuse and addiction is still one of the major problems in society, but addiction treatment professionals and therapists are constantly trying to gradually eliminate this problem altogether.  With the help of these dedicated and passionate people, addiction treatment evolution is not too far behind in the ever-changing battlefield of addiction and treatment.