Future of Addiction Treatment


Future Direction Regarding Systemic Addiction Treatment

An addict’s acknowledgment of substance abuse and addiction has long been the bane of addiction treatment.  The difficulty addicts face is compounded by their inability to admit and face the their problem, which leads to a more complicated treatment process.  Addressing addiction early on makes treatment easier for both the addict and the treatment professional or therapist.  Since addiction affects not only the addict but also his or her family, friends, and loved ones, the future direction regarding systemic addiction treatment looks positive and shows promise as the treatment of choice for most addicts.

An addict’s family is the best support system since they will be familiar with the addict and vice versa.  The systemic approach focuses on the principles of family and camaraderie, and it involves the family and gives it a major part in the treatment process.  Many people choose the systemic approach due to its focus on family relationships and the nurturing atmosphere it fosters.  Most families also welcome the major role they play in the systemic approach.  An addict’s family members are almost always more than happy to provide support and assistance where necessary in order to help the addict overcome his or her addiction.

On the other hand, some families are aghast at the fact that the blame is put on them instead of on the addict.  A significant number of people believe that, in most addiction cases, there is no one to blame but the addict himself or herself.  Involving the family is entirely optional and dependent on the addict and his or her family.  Some even think that they can only be a hindrance to treatment and do not realize the benefits of being present and providing moral support to the addict.

Whatever the case, the future direction regarding systemic treatment in addiction is promising and shows potential.  It may not be the ideal approach for some, but it is an invaluable tool that can mean the difference between sobriety and a relapse.  The systemic approach is merely a means to an end, and its application will depend on the therapist’s judgment and the addict’s current situation.