Mar 292011

It is sad but it is a reality that even little children are also affected by panic and anxiety attacks. It is indeed very pitiful to see little children suffering from this atrocious condition. It is a fact that most of the time the condition starts in the late teens but they can also happen as early as in childhood. Overcoming panic attacks is challenging for adults, and it is even made more difficult if a helpless child is dealing with it. A lot of parents are asking how to cure panic attacks in children. In this article we will give you easy steps of helping your child who is suffering from a panic or anxiety attack.

The AACAP which is a research center for children has a definition for panic attacks. For them panic attacks are episodes of discomfort and intense fear. This can last from a few minutes to a couple of hours.

It is very helpful for parents to observe what is happening around their children so they can pinpoint what is causing the attack.

Panic attacks in children can be caused by what is called general anxiety disorder. Children often feel a lot of anxiety about general things in life like school,

family, other children, and many more. Therapy and relaxation techniques are recommended by experts.

Separation is also something which can trigger anxiety in little children. Most little children do not want to be separated from their parents and when they go to school for the first time they experience this. You should do your best to make your child understand the reality of life. You really cannot be with them all the time or anytime they want them to be. They must also learn to be independent.

Some children often feel anxiety after a long vacation and they have to go back to school. Cognitive behavioral therapies are very helpful in these situations. You can give them positive reinforcement by giving them a reward when they go back to school.

Another course of anxiety can be changes in life so make sure that you are there for your child every time he or she experiences this.

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