Arise Intervention Model


Arise Intervention Method

Addiction is never a simple and easy condition to address.  It is a disease that will gradually destroy an individual’s life, and the lives of those closest to him or her.  Due to the massive effect of addiction to addicts’ lives, many eventually try to quit and self-medicate, only to find out that they are now in a deeper hole than what they started digging when they became dependent on drugs.  The Arise intervention method will help addicts ease off their addiction without the pressure and guilt that is usually a part of the addiction treatment process.  This method focuses on treating addicts with the utmost care and respect by building a network of concerned individuals as a support system.  These individuals include an addict’s friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, loved ones, and those whose lives have been affected by the addiction.  The Arise intervention method does not merely focus on the individual, but attempts to provide healing to an addict’s family, friends, and loved ones.

The Arise intervention method is divided into three phases that all focus on encouraging addicts to seek treatment.

  • Phase I: The First Call or First Meeting

The Arise intervention begins when a concerned individual decides to call a certified Arise Interventionist to set the first meeting with the addict.  The first phase is dedicated to convincing and motivating an addict to seek treatment.

  • Phase II: The Arise Treatment

Once addicts get into the Arise treatment program and lasts for six months, Phase II of the Arise intervention method begins.  Addicts are provided support from their family during the process, and families are encouraged to join the addict in a 12-step program.  All the while, the Arise Interventionist works in collaboration with the treatment center, the addicts, and the families in an effort to provide complete group healing.

  • Phase III: Recovery

The third and final phase focuses on preventing an addict’s worst nightmare – a relapse.  Long-term recovery and a life of sobriety is the goal, and all personal relationships and personal decisions are monitored so that they help in an addict’s personal growth and recovery.

The Arise intervention method has been proven to be an effective element in addiction treatment.  Its focus on group healing and respecting the addict’s dignity makes it an ideal option for those who are reluctant to face addiction head-on.