Mar 182011

Due to the existence of inversion tables in the market with different features, it is hard to choose from among them since all of the manufacturers are claiming the superior quality and durability of their product.

However, what makes them durable and the characteristics of its parts would provide great information on which one is the most convenient and durable to use. Surely it would be best to find a product produced using a high quality material that also comes with low price.

This is what Lifegear Gravity Boots assures its users.
With its innovative features, Lifegear inversion machines still stands out because there is very small difference between the models as there are only little features available with the newest model that is not present in this equipment. Aside from the durability of the product, it comes with a low price. Most consumers also prefer using this because it is smaller, lighter, and easy to use. It can also be assembled easily.

Like other kinds of inversion table, life gear inversion table can rotate up to 90 degree angle with simple arm movements. It is also designed in a way that the user achieves its full comfort through the use of padded and foamy backrest and ankle supports. The manufacturer also makes sure that the user won’t slide while exercising in an inverted position because of the supportive stabilizers. The most promising reward this inversion table ensures its customer is the relief of back pain which many individual who used the product agrees.

Unlike other inversion brands which are the more traditional form of inversion table, Lifegear Inversion table has more advanced and user-friendly feature that meets the needs of person using it. There are also few differences when it comes to price so it would be more practical to prefer a more upgraded version.

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