Mar 042011

Nowadays alcoholic drinks are often served in parties, social gatherings, celebration and other events.

Alcohol can change the mood of an event, and guests are usually happy drink alcoholic beverage. Aside from being served in celebrations, since alcohol can make a person euphoric, relax and feel numb it is sometimes used by people as an escape to reality and to forget about problems. Almost all of us are aware of the harmful effects of alcohol to our body but sometimes people find it hard to drink alcoholic beverage moderately.

Too much alcohol intake can cause alcohol poisoning or alcohol overdose, when this occurs it should not be ignored because it might cause serious health threat or even death. Alcohol overdose occur when the blood content of alcohol are very high due to large amount of alcohol intake. There are alcohol poisoning symptoms that should be observed because it needs immediate medical help. The symptoms are decreased number of breathing per minute, unconsciousness, and uncontrolled vomiting.

If and individual should not presume that a person suffering from alcohol poisoning can sleep off the condition. Alcohol is still release in the bloodstream and increase the alcohol level of the body even if the person is unconscious or had stop drinking.

Another prevalent result of alcohol abuse is alcohol addiction. Alcohol addiction happens when a person becomes dependent on alcohol substances.

Alcohol addicts usually drink alcoholic substances habitually and at a large amount. If alcohol addicts suddenly stop consuming alcohol substances they could experience alcohol withdrawal. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be physical and psychological and in various degree depending on the person’s dependence on alcohol. If a person is suffering from alcohol problems it is advisable to seek help to avoid further harm a person’s health. For psychological support there are groups in which members can relate to each other and share experiences to help one another. Alcoholic drinks are known for its bad effects but there are actually good health benefits of alcohol consumption only if taken moderately.

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