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Substance abuse and addiction can put one’s life out of control and can damage personal and professional relationships. These are problems that slowly destroy lives and should be addressed at the soonest possible time. In convincing addicts to seek treatment, one may need to seek the assistance of someone who can help with an intervention.

Fortunately, there are professional interventionists trained specifically for the purpose of helping addicts come to terms with their problem. An intervention is a valuable tool that can help addicts curtail the effects of addiction by encouraging them to seek treatment as early as possible. Addressing addiction or drug dependence at its onset, in turn, helps make addiction treatment easy and quick.

A professional interventionist is someone who can help with an intervention effectively. The mission of every interventionist is to help addicts see the error of their ways and convince them to rectify it by checking themselves into a treatment facility – and staying there until they have recovered. An interventionist does not treat addiction per se, but provides assistance in taking that big leap from addiction to sobriety. Falling victim to addiction can be very challenging for anyone, accepting that one is, in fact, a victim, more so. More often than not, addicts need the support of a friend or a loved one during these trying times. In times like these, an interventionist is best equipped to help.

All people affected by an individual’s addiction should be involved in the treatment process and in the intervention.

During the intervention, an interventionist’s best friends are the family members, friends, and loved ones of

the addict. Addicts need a strong support system during treatment and the intervention is a good place to start building up on this. The family is a good foundation for a support system, and their involvement will be very helpful in the long run.

Interventions are never easy and addiction treatment will always be challenging. At Walking Miracles Recovery Centers, we encourage family involvement and friendly visits to help addicts cope with the difficulties of treatment. If you are wondering who can help with an intervention, contact Walking Miracles today and we will be glad to help you.

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Aug 202010

My life

has been a whirlwind ever since I was introduced to this white powder that almost destroyed my life. I never realized the damage drugs could do to one’s life — until now. When I first got hooked on drugs, it was a different kind of thrill. Whenever I got stressed, or whenever I felt I couldn’t handle the pressure, drugs seemed to calm me. It was my instant problem solver. Who would’ve known it would also be the cause of my downfall. My problem solver has given me the kiss of betrayal by alienating my friends and family, destroying my career, and compromising my health.

Now I realize that drugs are more trouble than they’re worth, and the problems I thought they solved now come back to haunt me and remind me of the stupid choice I made when I decided to take drugs. In hindsight,

I realize that my addiction, instead of eliminating my problems, has doubled them and made them worse. At the time I was taking drugs, I really didn’t consider the long-term consequences; I only wanted some kind of escape from my problematic life. Drugs made me forget, and that seemed to be enough at the time. Now, my addiction haunts me each day, and it’s making my life a living hell.

After treatment, I decided to check myself into a sober living home where I can recover with the assistance of professionals and toge

ther with people in the same boat as me. I did not want to take my chances by trying to recover from my addiction by myself. in a home, I will be with my peers and I can always consult therapists whenever I feel the urge.

They say old habits die hard. By staying in a sober living home, I make it easy on myself and on my loved ones. I may not have the determination and the will to overcome addiction, but with the help of addiction experts and of my loved ones, I will not fail. I owe it to myself and to the people I hurt to get sober and remain that way for good.