Nov 162010

The number of people in the United States that participate in the misuse of alcohol is climbing higher at an alarming rate, with a large percentage being teens and young adults. There are several reasons that people abuse alcohol, and everyone acts differently under the influence. Alcohol, just like any other control substance, can trigger anybody’s addictive personality – thus we get, Alcoholism.

The average age that people choose to start drinking alcohol is fifteen, and rapidly becoming younger and younger the more that young people are exposed to it. Teens that begin drinking before age fifteen are far more likely to develop addictive behaviors. A good part of the reason teens begin drinking is because it is demanded of them in many social situations in order to “fit in” with a group of friends. Since most teens do not understand the intoxicating effects and different strength of different types of alcohol and alcoholic drinks, they tend to drink more alcohol faster than an adult who understands these types of things.

However, it is not just teens and young adults that abuse alcohol it can be anyone of any age for any reason and in any way.

Older women are at particular risk for problems related to an over-consumption of alcohol, because women tend to live longer than men do therein outliving their spouse, which could trigger depression and loneliness – two main factors that trigger the abuse of alcohol. Women are also more prone to develop alcohol-consumption related health problems as they age.

Alcoholism can have devastating effects on the human body, especially towards those who become addicted younger than those who began at the legal age (21 years). Everyone has a different reason that they abuse alcohol, and their personalities are different when intoxicated.

Alcoholism can ruin lives don’t let it ruin yours.