Apr 182011

As the electronic cigarette trend continues to rise, the debate on just how similar e-cigarettes are to the real thing rages on. But perhaps more importantly, people should talk about how e-cigarettes can assist the chain smoker in quitting his beloved haze. If they’re actually so similar to real cigarettes, then they should be able to help, right?

The Nicotine Hit

Smoking isn’t addictive because of the tar or the formaldehyde or the cyanide content. The estimated 4,000 harmful contents of a cigarette and the negative effects that accompany their burning are merely side effects. What really hooks people is the nicotine content.

So it’s a good thing that e-cigarettes also have nicotine levels in their e-liquid mixtures. This means that depending on the nicotine dose per juice, a chain smoker can still get that satisfying nicotine hit he so craves from actual cigarettes, all without burning anything and causing those 4,000 chemicals to inflict any sort of harm to his well-being.

The Smoking Motions and Sensations

But beyond the nicotine, e-cigarettes aim to emulate the motions and sensations of actual cigarette smoking. The b attery powered sticks c

an light up at the end through an LED, and a fine vapor mist rises out of them like real smoke. Though again, no adverse effects are present. The light can’t burn anyone, and the smoke is odorless and easily dissipates without inconveniencing anyone. Best of all, e-cigarettes aren’ t banned where real cigare

ttes are.

In conclusion, if an e-cigarette can successfully imitate the motions, sensations, even the psychoactive and pharmacokinetic effects of nicotine, then it can very well be an immensely powerful tool in aiding smokers quit their fatal habit.

After all, they crave the nicotine, not the many varied health issues associated with smoking. And it gets better: there are e-liquid mixtures that have 0 mg nicotine levels. A smooth transition from heavy nicotine levels to eventually zero nicotine levels ” a full nicotine addiction rehabilitation regime ” is workable without actually quitting smoking thanks to e-cigarettes.

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