Dec 212010

Following a daily diet plan can be cumbersome, especially if it’s cluttered by many do’s and don’ts. The best diet plans should be simple and direct to the point.

There are diet plans that tell you what food to eat and how to cook them.

The food list is very limited and the choices are strange to the palate. These foods might have been researched not only for the calorie content but also for their unique effect, being novel and unknown. But most people who go on diets don’t like to experiment, especially on the food that they put into their mouth. There might be some who’d try them just for experience but the more familiar the food is, the more likely they’ll be eaten. It’s easy to find for food substitute with the same calorie count already seasoned to the tongue.

Diet plans should not starve. Fats aren’t going anywhere if you starve them. They’ll grow smaller but they’ll go back to their normal sizes or even bigger at the first mistake you’ll commit and have an eating binge.

You’re starvation diet will only have temporary effects. It’s hard on you and at the end of the day; it’ll all be for nothing.

You should eat foods with high protein content. They are fat burning or thermogenic foods. Eat lean meats like turkey, broiled chicken breast and other thermogenic foods only. These are the real fat busters. They don’t starve the fat cells, they burn them, and that’s the only effective way of removing them from you’re system. Don’t baby your fats; they bring a lot of illnesses your body. You have to deal with them resolutely and deliberately. Eat also vegetables high in protein for bulk. Without bulk in your food, you cannot remove your waste effectively. Pure meat protein diets may cause constipation.

Follow your daily diet plan and don’t deviate from it until you get your desired weight. You may not need a written diet plan all the time of your life but you can etch them to your mind.

If you’ve done them before, it’s easy to remember them already. Remembering will not be enough though, you have to do it.

Having a diet plan is not the same as experimenting. It must be solid and tested. It should help you how to lose weight and give your ideal weight and health back to you. There’s no substitute for a sustainable diet plan.

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