Percocet Addiction Treatment


Percocet is a powerful analgesic that can only be obtained with a prescription. It usually comes in tablet form and contains oxycodone, which is a habit-forming opiate that, taken inappropriately, can cause serious side effects. For those who suffer from extreme pain, it is not uncommon for physicians to prescribe more than 20 pills per day. This makes percocet addiction treatment difficult because most use pain as an excuse to take the drug. Initially, percocet abusers may start as pain patients; inappropriate dosing and mismanagement in treatment makes these patients dependent on the drug to the point that they feel they cannot live without it. Percocet addiction treatment can be very challenging because most do not realize the problem until they are in too deep, or until their dependence on the drug becomes an addiction that threatens to consume them.

Percocet addiction treatment is usually required for pain patients who desire to recreate the feeling of euphoria they felt when they first took the drug. They believe that by taking more percocet pills, they can recreate or even increase the euphoria, but this is not usually the case. These individuals find out the hard way that taking more of the drug does not necessarily mean they will feel better. Instead they develop a dependence on the drug and experience other unpleasant side effects, worst of which is addiction.

Percocet addiction treatment has its own set of unpleasant side effects called withdrawal symptoms. Quitting percocet “cold turkey” will lead to symptoms like excessive sweating, agitation, and vomiting, to name a few. Seeking the help of an addiction treatment specialist will help addicts face these symptoms and address them accordingly; getting them on board early on will make sure that symptoms do not get worse. Fortunately, percocet addiction treatment is known to have minor withdrawal symptoms associated with it, none of them life-threatening.

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