Apr 102011

Vitamin B12 has been a major point of controversy among the medical community, and the vegan society as well, for decades.

This is a somewhat unique vitamin, as it is naturally produced, not by meat or poultry, but by a bacteria in the soil. This bacteria is responsible for a hundred percent of vitamin B12 in planet earth, and still, many people tend to give meat and it’s cousin products, the privilege of being the only source available for people interested in the benefits of vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 benefits are vast. This vitamin replicates our DNA, takes a vital part in formating red blood cells and growing tissues, and it also creates a fatty, protective substance around our nerve cells – Myelin.

Vitamin B12 also helps lowering the mother of all evil – Homo cysteine, an amino acid whose higher levels have been linked with a greater risk of experiencing a heart stroke, Alzheimer, cancer, and in fact, many of modern western’s world diseases. Vitamin B12 also acts as a natural energizer, and boosts up your metabolism high enough, so that you get more likely to get active and lose some calories, and that’s actually the source of the misconception of treating vitamin B12 shots as a weight loss solution.

Vitamin B12 injections are the most accepted treatment for people having one or more of the symptoms of vitamin B12 deficiency. These shots are quite painful, and if you ask me, I would take them only if you happen to have difficulties absorbing this vitamin, something that happens in the Intrinsic Factor of your body. This is usually the reason for a deficiency among people in their fiftieths. You can get the exact same benefits of vitamin B12 out of any other source, such as intra nasal sprays or jel, sub lingual tablets, or simply the best, regular vitamin B12 foods.

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