Mar 212011

According to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Lortabs are becoming one of the most commonly used and abused drugs. People seem to believe its safer because its a prescribed medication, but its not safe at all, especially if a person stops it suddenly.
Lortab (hydrocodoneAPAP), is a class III narcotic perscribed for pain. Its usually perscribed for short periods and physicians reduce it slowly to prevent side effects. Sudden cessation can cause Nausea, Vomiting, Chills, Seizures,
Heart Rhythm Changes, Bradycardia (slowed breathing), Unconciousness and even Death.

In Lortab Addiction, the person who is habituated to the drug usually will need to increase the dose.

The higher the dose,
the more lethal the sudden withdrawl from the drug will be.
The short term effects are much the same as any narcotic drug Sleepiness, Bradycardia , Blurred Vision, Impaired Motor Skills, but an overdose can be lethal as well. Breathing heart rate can slow to a point where the heart stops and death will will occur. The PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) warns of the potential for addiction to Lortabs and cautions against mixing other sedatives or alcohol with it, as they will both augment the effects.
Lortabs have other dangerous side effects as well because Acetomenaphen (Tylenol) is part of the mixture and can have grave effects on the liver if too much is taken, or when its used over long periods of time.
Lortab addiction is as serious as any other addiction and needs top be treated accordingly. The signs are often hard to discern, as the person becomes isolated and is actively tries to disguise the drug use.

Because Lortab is a narcotic,ttreatment centers offering addiction help are warrented.
Each individual is different and may respond to one form of treatment more quickly than another, but most Addiction Treatment Centers use a variety of approaches The best reason to seek professional care is for medical supervision. Withdrawl from any drug can cause any of the adverse symptoms mentioned above and even death.
There are specialists who know how to deal with addiction and its causes and others who are also suffering. They, too, can be helpful in time of crisis.

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